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You can find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you want more information, please contact me.

Feel free to ask me anything, even my favorite ice cream flavour.


How do you define your photographic style?

My photography is modern, instinctive, and I do not seek perfection in my pictures .

My philosophy was born from a mixture of technical experimentations and a honest witness of your commitment.

I like photographing people as they are, for real. To do so, I talk a lot with and appease my clients.

If asked, I will help you during the long months of preparation to make our complicity in a such level  that you even won't notice I'm your photographer.


When do you arrive?

Usually, I will meet you 2 hours before the ceremony. The photos of the preparation of the bride are beautiful for sure, but what really matters to me in these intimate moments is the relationship I will build with your loved ones. I will talk about this and that, take a cup of coffee - and sometimes even champagne - all for the sole purpose of being an integral part of this day. In this way, the people that matter the most to you will no longer pay attention to me later in that day. It's my secret to successfully capture those candid moments on the wedding venue.


How do you behave on the ceremony?

This is a profound moment. The one where I do my best to to diminish myself completely and I leave the place to the celebration . I will deliver the most beautiful photos of this moment, while remaining as far back as possible. I never use the flash.

I let you and your guests enjoy every minute of it.


What do you do during the cocktail?

The bride and groom are no longer the center of attentions, it is the time of the guests! - and time to cheer up with them at the same time!

I do my best to take pictures of your beloved one s in an instant in life. I want to give you an honest testimony of them. I will therefore try to capture all those fleeting little moments of joy and emotion.


And let's be clear: I like to do group pictures as much as eating a maple syrup topped pancake ...  but without the maple syrup. - and any sane person will agree with me!


But if you wish to please Granny, I will organize the traditional group photo session at that time. I will even help you to prepare this session so that it runs smoothly.


What is even more astonishing: we will do it, and you will like it!


If our guests take pictures,

does that bother you?

I am always very happy when there are other pictures taken other than mine! They always have a different and original look.

Moreover, I can not be everywhere at the same time and it even happens that a guest takes a beautiful picture when I had the lens pointed elsewhere!

There is only one thing that is really important: during the ceremony, for the welfare of the officiant and the bride and groom, but also to allow me to remain free of any movement, it would be much better if all the guests sit down to enjoy the show with their own eyes :)


Are you keen on unplugged weddings?

Weddings without people starring at everything through their cell phone? No #instawedding?  Does it really exist? Oh yes then!


Will a couple session take place on the wedding day? - How long does it last?

If there is a moment that I love, it is this one! This is where I use all my knowledge and all my artistic creativity!

We'll try to get away from the guests. It is also the only privileged moment when the bride and groom will find peace. I try not to interfere for capturing "real moments", but I shall guide you if needed. I reckon that a wedding is not a photo shoot and you should be having fun with your guests rather than spending time with me. For that reason, I try to limit the couple session to 30 minutes.


Is the party option for us?

Do you like to dance? Did you hire a DJ with blasting sound and dazzling psychedelic lights ? Then yes, definitely!

I'll sneak in between the sweaty bodies to deliver fierce images.

Is it possible to do a photo session before or after the wedding?


These are two very different ways to immortalize your couple, so I will explain them point by point.


The engagement session is incredibly useful to put you at ease in front of a photographer. It is a way of keeping  very natural and intimate moments, as you are in the "real life" .  This can be performed several months before or even the day before your wedding . Many couples do their invitations cards with photos from the engagement session . It is also the best way for the three of us to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere before the D day !


The session after the wedding (also called " day after " or " trash the dress " ) is the best way to have pictures of an exceptional quality in your wedding dress/suit. On your wedding day, the couple session lasts up to 30 minutes. The couple session will depend on the organization, the location and the weather of the day which, sometimes, are not enough to cause the "WOW" effect.

This session can be done a few days or several months after your wedding.


During these sessions, we could go on a trip to a natural or urban place, familiar to you or very unusual , and take all the time that we need to get the perfect shots you will call "my precious" for the rest of your life.


How far do you travel for weddings or photo sessions?
Is the ISS far enough for you?

If you prefer to stay on the ground and if you need a translator, I do speak fluently four earthling languages.


What is the investment and how can we book?

It is simple. Just send me an email through the contact form to receive my rates and arrange a first appointment. This first interview will allow us to discuss together about your tastes and expectations. We will be able to know if we are made for each other, until the end of the day do us part :)

Let's make it happen!